Economic Development Advisory Commission Meets Tuesday

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September 23, 2019

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Kingman, AZ –  The EDAC that meets every other month in Kingman meets again this Tuesday to discuss all things that impact the local economy including tourism, municipal assets such as the airport, and other integral parts of the local community’s future through revenue growth and making Kingman a better place to live.  It’s mission statement is as follows: Our mission is to enrich the area’s economy, create high paying quality jobs, foster development of a trained work force, expand the industrial base, enhance economic development associated with tourism, increase the per-capita income and improve the quality of life for Kingman residents.

One to the recent hot topics is the revitalization of the downtown corridor through Route 66 (Andy Devine Ave) and it’s parallel street named Beale Street.  Beale Street is the home to multiple renowned breweries, wine bar, restaurants, and boutique style shopping.  Tuesday’s discussion will include the follow-up to requests made from the July meeting as stated from the minutes below.

Chair Kirkham stated that the City is working on three Kiosks downtown, but none of them are on Beale Street, which is where a lot of our businesses are located. He asked the commission for suggestions. Vice-Chair Charon acknowledged that a lot of the tourists don’t leave Route 66, they walk from the Power House down by Mr. D’s to the rabbit and the water tanks and leave. She suggested Kiosks on Route 66 that direct traffic to Beale Street. Planning and Economic Development Director Gary Kellogg stated that the City worked with the Main Street group to restore the Kiosk at Third Street, and would work with this commission as well. He noted that UniSource may partner with them to install solar lighting for the Kiosks. He advised that Main Street is planning to install a map at the entrance to the Power House, and the EDAC could partner with them on that project. Commissioner LeSueur made a MOTION to have the City evaluate space owned and operated by the City and designate it down Route 66 and along Beale. The motion was SECONDED by Vice-Chair Charon and carried with unanimous (5-0) approval. 

The meeting is open to the public as are all commission meetings as defined by city code: Those wishing to address the Economic Development Advisory Commission need not request permission in advance. Action taken as a result of public comments will be limited to
directing staff to study the matter or rescheduling the matter for consideration and decision at a later time pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431 et al.  The City encourages those to take part of their community.  We hope to see you in attendance.

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