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Education Classes in the Arts will be in full swing starting Oct. 27 at the ArtHub

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October 26, 2020

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Education Classes in the Arts will be in full swing starting Oct. 27 at the ArtHub

The Kingman Center for the Arts just completed it’s final Art Gallery show of 2020 and has now started their 6 week classroom session at the ArtHub (402 E Beale Street) in downtown Kingman.
The class sessions kick off with Contemporary Dance series classes and Jazz Dance series classes guided by Sandra Romanski, a former gymnast and longtime dancer with a BFA degree in performance and choreography in dance. She has been teaching and mentoring dancers for over 15 years. “Today’s contemporary dance style is an eclectic mix of many different styles and techniques. Within this class, we will explore movement through free-flowing self-inquiry and improvisation work as well as learning choreography. This is a fun way to build self-trust and connection all while learning to artistically express yourself!” says Sandra. The jazz classes will teach jazz technique, musicality, and dynamics and will be done through improvisation exercises, progressions, and a class combination. The ArtHub will also offer a belly dance series class taught by Rachel Brown.
Artist Jane Wunder, who has written several books and splits her time between Kingman and Fairplay, Colorado will be teaching two different watercolor classes. Students will learn to paint a watercolor in step-by-step fashion while learning different parts of a landscape, how to mix colors and when to use each type of brush. Jane says; “this is a great class for beginners to start to feel more confident in their creations.” Additional painting classes being offered at the ArtHub include acrylics, oil painting and two different children’s sketching classes.
Besides the ArtHub, Kingman Center of the Arts also operates the Beale Street Theater and works with Disney Musicals in Schools which is a collaboration between theater artists and school staff to bring sustainable theater practices to rural towns. Therefore, KCA is also offering plenty of classes revolving around the theater with many catered to children. Artistic Director Sidney Valdez stated that she feels “passionately about the arts and what it can do for our youth.” Theater classes include a “Musical Theater Dance series” for ages 11 and up, “Makeup Application for Stage” and several “Musical Theater Workshops” (guided by director Sidney Valdez) for ages 8-16 where young students In these four-day mini-workshop will block, choreograph, and sing through iconic Disney villain scenes and songs.

For additional details about classes offered or to sign-up:     <~~~~ This link goes to the main ArtHub web page which also shows the art gallery, the link above goes directly to the classes.

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