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October 30, 2021

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Myth, misinformation, and old wives tales affect everything from politics and pandemics to white bread and the sale of automobiles. They also affect the cleaning of carpets. As a case in point consider the myth that steam cleaning carpets will lead to the growth of mold.

Well, first, here in Bullhead City along the Colorado River the climate is much drier than, say, the bayous of Louisiana where there is a risk of mold or mildew with most everything from carpet to clothes hung on the line. But in general this is a myth rooted in improper methods of carpet cleaning.

When cleaned properly by professionals from COIT of Mohave County, your carpets and padding will not be left soaking wet for days on end. Issues with mold in carpets often are the result of cleaning methods that leave a sticky residue that traps moisture in the carpet fibers or padding. With decades of experience COIT has developed technology as well as chemical solutions that provide a deeper clean without turning carpets into a sponge. Further assurance is given with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and COIT trained technicians.

Vacuuming will remove SOME dirt, dust mites, and bacteria. But over time these and other contaminants build up deep in the carpet piling and padding. And so a regularly scheduled professional cleaning should be viewed as an investment.

It is an investment in ensuring your carpets longevity. Carpet installation is costly. Deep cleaning such as is provided by COIT will prevent premature wear and replacement. And it is an investment in your families health as carpet is notorious for trapping bacteria, allergens, and dust.

The regular vacuuming of carpets will have little affect on dust mite infestations. Most homeowners are surprised to learn that they are being overrun by dust mites that leave behind feces and body fragments. These are proven irritants linked to an array of breathing ailments including asthma. The equipment and specially developed chemical solutions used by COIT create an environment that is not livable for dust mites.

And a professional cleaning will improve the look, feel and smell of your home. Dirt, dust, and chemical residues will build up in carpet fibers, and that leads to matting. And that makes a carpet appear worn, old, and flat. Over time dirt left in carpet will actually tear or wear fibers.

Then there are the stains that accumulate over time. You can rent a steam cleaner and chemicals that will remove or lighten some stains. But often chemicals will cause other issues. And some stains such as caused by wine need to be removed from deep in the carpet and padding without leaving it soaking wet. Here is another reason to invest in the services of a professional carpet cleaning service.

There are other benefits associated with the professional cleaning of your carpets. Did you know that in the months of winter a dirty carpet can impede air flow which results in pockets of cold air along walls?

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America 



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