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Four Reasons to Hate Black Friday

Written by The Bee

November 29, 2019

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Four Reasons to Hate Black Friday
Is Black Friday a chance to get great deals — or a reason to take a four-day weekend? Consider these four statistics that show the dark side of Black Friday. Yes, there are actually four reasons to hate the day.
ONE – The website Black Friday Death Count lists a body count: twelve deaths since 2006, that are associated with today’s ultimate retail deals. People shot in parking lots, malls, and even in what used to be a Toys R Us store.
TWO — The same source says more than 100 injuries have occurred on Black Friday — One hundred sixteen to be exact (at this writing).
THREE — A Career Builder survey found nearly half of all retail workers, have to work on Thanksgiving because of early Black Friday deals. Forty-seven percent to be exact!!
AND NUMBER FOUR — Adobe Analytics says the average shopper put $1,200 on their credit cards during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  An overwhelming majority of Americans have no emergency fund or a significant retirement plan put in place, but they charge their purchases using a plastic card.
The lesson is this: Instead of hunting for deals after Thanksgiving, why not spend a little extra time with family? Or another option for shop-o-holics: hunt for unbeatable deals with family. Chances are your family is a gift of far more value than 80-percent off a giant screen TV.

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