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** Fraudulent Use of KPD Lieutenant’s Name **

Written by The Bee

June 25, 2020

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On Thursday, June 25th, the Kingman Police Department became aware that unknown person(s) are calling people in the Kingman area and identifying themselves as “Lt. Jim Brice of the Kingman Police Department”. The telephone number being used is (928) 719-8791. Upon call back the voice mail prompt also identifies them as “Lt. Jim Brice”. Lt. Jim Brice is a real person at the Kingman Police Department, but he does not call from that number. This type of scam is nothing new. It always ends with the scammers requiring money in some form or fashion. In this and all questionable calls people are urged to never provided banking or personal information, unless you are certain of who you’re talking to. If anyone receives such a call they are urged to immediately hang-up or contact KPD by calling (928) 753-2191.

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