FT. MOHAVE – The Family of Murder Victim Daryl Ward Speaks Out

Published by The Bee News

March 7, 2019

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We as a family are continuing to support each other as we start to come face to face with the people responsible for the murder of our loved one. Sitting in court and listening to the horrific details of the senseless acts they commited against our Son our Brother,cousin,friend and father of 3 was hard enough but the hardest part was hearing them use “Drugs” as an excuse. As if that makes it better. Drugs or not, our loved ones will not be coming home. Even though no amount of time that any of the people responsible receive, it will never be enough. It will never bring them home. We are very thankful that the judge recognized that Daryl and Mona were 2 separate people with 2 separate family’s and charged Fransisco appropriately. We hope to continue to see the courts hold each one of them accountable for the cruel acts they commited. We will continue to be Daryls voice and we be at every sentencing every trial every appeal and every parole hearing until justice is served.- From Whole Family

Everyday I wake up and I feel as if I am in a dream. A bad dream and when I actually wake up my little brother will be there with me. I feel as if this is not real, that he is not gone. Then when reality hits me and I know I will never get to see my little brother again break down. My little brother was my world and now he is gone is like a piece of me is gone and I will never get that back. No one truly know what it feels like to actually miss someone until they are taken from you and you can never see them again no matter how much you want to. I miss my little brother, and I want him know how much we all love him. – Crystal Ward

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