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January 14, 2020

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It’s a family affair for Joe Patterson with a combination of 40 plus years experience in the Transmission repair field. 33 years married to Trina of Trina’s CBD shop in Bullhead City and 2 sons 31, and 41 years old. As a child, Joe could be found at his father’s Transmission shop, Wes Patterson a retired vet who chose transmission repair for his career after the service. Wes continued in the transmission field for over 50 years and recently passed mid 2019. Who knew his son Joe would continue in the same field for 40 plus years! Trent King- shop manager his grandson, better known as “Skippy” now works side by side with his grandfather, nicknamed “Skippy” by Joe for skipping around the shop as a child, and the name stuck!

Joe Patterson originally retired in 2007, the bottom fell out in 2008 and he found himself coming back out of retirement. After relocating from Washington State in 2011, Joe opened Aatco Transmissions and Auto repair in Bullhead City, AZ. It’s the perfect location, 1 minute from hwy 95, in the middle of Bullhead City. Aatco’s Auto Repair building is located right next to the transmission shop for his customers convenience. Any given day their shops are a buzz of activity, a true testament to a successful business- you just cant buy the knowledge, experience and customer service this location offers!

On a personal note- Joe’s love of boating, off roading, dirt biking & Trina’s arthritis attracted him to Bullhead City, AZ. They have never looked back!

To learn more visit their website or their Facebook page

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