Girl Scout Leaders Needed in Kingman Area

Written by The Bee

July 12, 2018


KINGMAN – Women wanting to steer girls in a positive direction will have a chance this weekend at a local Girl Scouts leader position sign up event. 

The Arizona Cactus-Pine Council will be holding a Kingman Neighborhood Girl Scout Leader Recruitment Program on Saturday, July 15 from 10 a.m. to noon at Grace Lutheran Church, 2101 Harrison Street.

Families of K-12 girls are invited.

Some of the requirements to be a leader include a background check, $25 annual registration fee, two to three hours a week for troop meetings and a positive attitude.

Leaders will be able to choose date, time and location of meetings and number of girls in their troop with a minimum of two leaders and five scouts.

Women and girls would be joining the 12 troops and nearly 170 scouts in the area. 

Troops could enjoy numerous learning opportunities which include camping (mostly at Camp Stephens in the Hualapai Mountains), field trips to Keepers of the Wild, Bearizona, visits to Las Vegas and overnight excursions to the Phoenix Zoo. 

These trips are mostly paid for through the yearly sale of Girl Scout cookies.

For local information, contact Grace Ricca at 928-279-2389. More details can be found at


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