Governor Katie Hobbs Launches First 100 Days Initiative

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January 3, 2023

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Hobbs Kicks Off Bold Agenda for First 100 Days with Executive Order on Protecting Employment Opportunity

 PHOENIX — Today, Governor Katie Hobbs announced her First 100 Days Initiative, which includes the first 100 actions she will take as governor to help build an Arizona for everyone. The Governor’s bold agenda for her first 100 days in office will focus on her top policy priorities, such as strengthening the economy and making Arizona more affordable, improving public education, and securing the state’s water future.

 “Today marks a new era in Arizona, where my Administration will work to build an Arizona for everyone. I am proud to launch my First 100 Days Initiative, which will center around tackling the biggest challenges facing Arizonans, like making our state more affordable and sustainable,” said Governor Hobbs. “It’s time for bold action and I feel ready as ever to get the job done. Let’s get to work.”

To kick off her first 100 days in office, Governor Hobbs signed an executive order on non-discrimination following her swearing-in ceremony at the Arizona State Capitol this morning. Executive Order 2023-01, titled “Protecting Employment Opportunity,” reinforces federal non-discrimination laws and affirms the State’s commitment to equal employment opportunity by directing Agencies to guarantee protections in all aspects of state employment and contracting. This executive order underscores Governor Hobbs’ dedication to ensuring that every Arizonan has an equal opportunity to participate in the workforce.

Improving Education

Economic Growth and Workforce Development

Unleashing Arizonan Innovation and Growing Our Workforce 

Right now, Arizona’s working families face ongoing economic uncertainties. Governor Hobbs knows what’s possible when leaders work together to improve the lives of those they represent. That’s why she will work with the legislature to put more money in pockets and provide meaningful relief for so many working families in Arizona.

Governor Hobbs will prioritize:

  • Lowering costs for families with children through state level child tax credits, sales tax exemptions for diapers, and a sales tax holiday for back to school shopping.

  • Helping Arizonans get back to work in good-paying jobs by creating more career and technical education opportunities and expanding child care assistance.

  • Protect the health and well-being of Arizona families with sales tax exemptions for over-the-counter medicines and feminine hygiene products.

By providing much-needed relief to Arizona families, we can also grow our economy and set our state up for long-term prosperity. When more Arizonans are able to afford school supplies, medications, and child care, as well as given the opportunity for training needed for a good-paying job, they become part of a healthier and more dependable workforce. And when more businesses are able to grow, they make our state more competitive and attractive to workers.

Immigration and Border Security


For too long, our leaders haven’t been willing to tell the truth and haven’t offered real solutions, which has forced Arizona to continue to bear the brunt of our immigration crisis. Governor Hobbs will use the tools at her disposal to bring resources to our border communities and provide meaningful relief for Arizonans suffering the consequences of decades of federal inaction.

Governor Hobbs knows that our border communities need partnership from the 9th floor. That’s why one of her biggest priorities is communicating with local government officials, law enforcement, community centers, and health care providers to ensure they get the support they need from the state government.

The Hobbs administration is working to:

  • Boost funding and Department of Public Safety (DPS) assistance for sheriffs and local law enforcement to ensure they have the necessary intelligence and resources to handle migrant crossings humanely and efficiently.

  • Make sure Arizonans are getting the care they need by funding community centers and hospitals. Our community centers and hospitals — especially in Yuma, Nogales, Douglas, and Pima County — are overwhelmed. They need additional funding to ensure that nobody is denied care due to a lack of doctors, nurses, and other resources.

  • Use all the tools at our disposal to increase resources for our border communities and provide meaningful relief for Arizonans suffering the consequences of decades of federal inaction.

Far and away, the most impactful solution to our immigration crisis would be for the federal government to finally pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation that secures our border, strengthens our economy, and provides a tough but fair path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the United States. An act of Congress is the only way to address the root cause of the problem, rather than relying on the bandaid solutions we’ve been getting for decades.

From modernizing and investing in our ports of entry to addressing labor shortages and ineffective policies, it’s imperative that President Biden and Congress take every step necessary to increase border security and give our border communities the tools they need to keep people safe while expanding legal immigration. Additionally, any comprehensive immigration plan must give DREAMers – young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children – the opportunity to become full American citizens.

Affordability and Housing

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