Grace Hecht Declines to Re-Schedule Debate

Published by The Bee News

June 24, 2024

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A debate for Mohave County District 2 the was originally scheduled for June 22nd was postponed after candidate Grace Hecht said she had a scheduling conflict. After over a week of delay we reached out to the school district administrator Michelle Bemelman to get an update on when the debate would be re-scheduled to. “After speaking with Grace Hecht with new dates for a re-schedule she told me that none of the dates would work for her”, Michelle said. It looks like the debate will not occur unless only two of the candidates Rich Lettman and William McClure are interested in scheduling it without all of the running candidates.

Political debates play a crucial role in the democratic process, serving as a platform for candidates to present their policies, engage with opponents, and connect with the electorate. These events are fundamental in helping voters in Bullhead City and Mohave County make informed decisions about who will best represent their interests. When a candidate chooses not to participate in such debates, it not only undermines the democratic values of transparency and accountability but also does a disservice to the residents of Bullhead City and Mohave County. Their absence deprives voters of the opportunity to fully assess their platforms and fitness for office, thereby impeding the community’s ability to effectively choose their leaders.

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