Greb’s Extraordinary Journey: Riding for a Cause and Making a Difference

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September 14, 2023

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September 14th, 2023 in Kingman, Arizona

Sandy and Greg ventured down Route 66 through Kingman Arizona sharing their mission along the road.

In a heartwarming tale of dedication and philanthropy, a close-knit duo, Winky and Greb, embarked on a journey that not only forged a deep bond between them but also made a significant impact on their community. This article recounts their remarkable story of sponsorship rides, charity endeavors, and a lifelong commitment to a shared cause.

It all began with a simple suggestion from a friend: Winky and Greb would take their daily runs and turn them into sponsored rides, posting their planned rides for the next day and inviting people to sponsor Winky one dollar per kilometer. The funds raised would go to “Winky’s Cause for Paws” at their local SPCA, which was experiencing rapid growth. The idea proved to be a massive success, and today, Greb’s “Cause for Paws” stands at an impressive $181,924, while his contributions to The Alberta Cancer Foundation have reached $19,336.

Their commitment to these causes didn’t stop at sponsored rides. They expanded their efforts by selling shirts, bandanas, and prints of Greb’s and Winky’s portraits, providing support to various local causes whenever possible.

Tragedy struck when Winky passed away on October 6th, 2016, but their mission continued. Greb, born into a litter of ten pups on January 18th, 2017, was destined to carry on the legacy. With the first pick of the litter, Greb was selected, and he would soon prove that he was “Born to ride.”

Greb’s journey officially began in March 2018 when he was introduced to his new owner in Des Moines, Iowa. The puppy embarked on a series of flights, making his way home to Fort McMurray, Canada. Despite concerns about his size, Greb handled the journey like a trooper, sleeping through most of it.

Upon arrival, Greb followed in Winky’s footsteps, starting his training for rides at just three months old. His early adventures included trips around the block and short rides to his favorite stores. As he grew, so did the length of their journeys. From Edmonton to Butte, Montana, Greb displayed a remarkable ability to adapt to life on the road, often sleeping in his trailer during rides.

As Greb continued to grow, a unique solution was found: the “Grebmobile,” a car replica trailer painted to match their Harley Davidson. This new addition facilitated even more extensive rides, such as their journey to Las Vegas via Tombstone, where Greb made friends on Facebook and donations flowed in.

The introduction of sidecars to their adventures added a new dimension to their journeys. While it changed the dynamics of the ride, having Greb by his side was a trade-off his owner was more than willing to make. They embarked on a tour of all ten Harley shops in Alberta in 2020, covering over 7,000 kilometers.

The “Batbike,” a 2015 Indian Chieftain with a Hannigan sidecar, allowed Greb to ride comfortably and continue his tradition of singing along to his favorite songs on the stereo. Over 30,000 kilometers later, Greb, at the age of six, had logged over 54,000 kilometers (over 30,000 miles) on his various bikes, trailers, and sidecars.

In addition to their charitable efforts, Greb initiated his own annual “Ride for Patty” in memory of Winky’s first Facebook friend from Nevada, who lost her battle with lung cancer. Greb’s dedication has raised nearly $20,000 for The Alberta Cancer Foundation, now in its 7th annual installment.

Greb’s incredible journey has also garnered recognition. He’s won three Animal Hero awards from the local SPCA, received coverage from local writers and national news outlets, and even appeared in several local cable videos.

In summary, Winky and Greb’s story is an inspiring testament to the power of friendship, dedication, and a shared commitment to making the world a better place, one ride at a time. Their journey continues to touch the lives of many, leaving a lasting legacy of compassion and philanthropy.

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