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October 31, 2019

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The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting DUI enforcement throughout Mohave County on
Halloween night (10/31). If you chose to drink, please don’t drive. Instead, designate a sober driver or use a
rideshare service. Anyone arrested for DUI will go to jail and their vehicle will be impounded. The average
cost of a DUI offense is close to $10,000 (fines, court fees, vehicle impound, insurance rates, etc…)The
penalties for impaired driving in Arizona are severe and include mandatory jail time, thousands of dollars in
fines and court fees, suspension of driving license or privilege to drive, vehicle impoundment for 30 days and
other expenses. If you suspect an impaired driver is on the road, please contact local law enforcement.

Help protect trick-or-treaters by following these driving safety tips on Halloween. Drive slowly, and don’t pass
stopped vehicles; the driver might be dropping off children. Avoid distractions by waiting until you’ve stopped
at your destination to call or text. Watch for children darting into the street. Kids could potentially cross the
street anywhere, and most young pedestrian deaths happen at spots other than intersections. Communicate
with other drivers and always use your turn signals. If you have to pull over to drop off or pick up your kids,
turn on your hazard lights.

When it comes to keeping your own trick-or-treaters safe, teach them how to safely cross streets. They
should look both ways and cross only at corners and crosswalks. Give them flashlights and glow sticks,
and/or use reflective tape on their costumes, so drivers can see them. Better yet, join us at our 2nd annual
Candy Crawl, held at the Sheriff’s Office in Kingman (600 W. Beale St.) and enjoy a safe, fun environment
for your little goblins and ghouls.

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