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Halloween Safety Tips

Written by The Bee News

October 22, 2020

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Halloween Safety Tips

As families find creative ways to celebrate Halloween in response to COVID-19, the Bullhead City Fire Department urges everyone to keep fire safety in mind, particularly when decorating with candles and electrical lighting. A fire can easily start when candles are placed too close to decorations or when long trailing costumes come into contact with them. According to NFPA, candles are among the leading causes of U.S. home fires. NFPA’s latest U.S. Home Candle Fires Report shows that an annual average of 7,610  home fires are started by candles, resulting in 81 deaths, 677 injuries, and $278 million in direct property damage. In addition, an average of 770 home fires started when decorations ignited. These fires caused an average of two civilian deaths, 20 civilian injuries, and $11.1 million in direct property damage per year.

Halloween fire facts

·         More than two of every five (44%) of these fires occurred because the decorations were too close to a heat source, such as a candle or hot equipment.

·         More than one-third (36%) of these fires were started by candles.

·         More than one-fifth (22%) of the decoration fires started in the kitchen; 16% began in the living room.

·         From 2014-2018, an average of 770 home structure fires began with decorations per year.


Source: NFPA Applied Research


To help citizens safely enjoy the fall festivities, BCFD would like to offer a few safety tips.


·         Candles ~ Use battery-operated candles or glow sticks in your jack-o-lanterns

·         Costumes ~ Stay away from long or flowing fabric

·         Decorations ~ Avoid flammable decorations and keep decorations away from open flames and other heat sources.

·         Exits ~ Remember to keep all decorations away from doors to not block any exits or escape routes.

·         Smoke alarms ~ Make sure all of your smoke alarms are working and up to date

·         Be visible ~ have children use flashlights or glow sticks as part of their costumes.

·         Pedestrian Safely ~ cross the street at corners, using traffic signals, crosswalks, and watch for cars that are turning or backing up.

·         Candy check ~ always check through your child’s candy before consuming


·         If participating in trick-or-treating or passing out candy, please remember to maintain 6- feet of social distancing safely.


 Have a happy and safe Halloween from the Bullhead City Fire Department!


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