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Heat-Related Illness

Written by The Bee News

June 1, 2021

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Heat-Related Illness

Bullhead City Fire Department crews were busy over the Memorial Day weekend, running 149 calls for service. Eighteen of those calls were directly related to fire response, including six watercraft incidents. One hundred and thirty-one calls for service were for medical emergencies. As our temperatures are rising, it is essential to know the signs of heat-related illnesses and ways to respond. Staying hydrated is key!


  • Signs: Heavy sweating, paleness, muscle cramps, tiredness, weakness, dizziness, headache, fainting, nausea, vomiting
  • Actions: Go to an air-conditioned place and lie down.
  • Loosen or remove clothing. Take a cool bath.
  • Take sips of cool sports drinks with salt and sugar.
  • Call your healthcare provider if symptoms get worse or last more than an hour.


  • Signs:
  • Extremely high body temperature (above 103 degrees) taken orally
  • Red, hot and dry skin with no sweat
  • Rapid, strong pulse
  • Dizziness, confusion, or unconsciousness
  • Actions: Call 9-1-1 or get the person to a hospital immediately. Cool down with whatever methods are available until medical help arrives.

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