High Speed Chase – Kingman

Published by The Bee News

September 12, 2023

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9:09 pm – Police are in a high speed chase with a vehicle.

9:11 pm – The vehicle has not been identified yet but is flocculating in speed and was travelling over 75 mph but now travelling at 55mph.

9:13 pm – The vehicle is now passing mile marker 61. Police are still have the vehicle in sight.

9:15 pm – The vehicle is now at the 57 mile marker and is in the number 2 lane.

9:17 pm – Police are now closing in on the vehicle. It has been reported that police are now passing mile marker 54 still following the vehicle.

9:18 pm – Now passing mile marker 53. The Police black stripped the vehicle and the vehicle is now breaking.

9:20 pm – Police attempted to apply a grappler to the speeding vehicle but it snapped. They now have another officer attempting to place another grappler.

9:21 pm – The vehicle is now passing mile marker 51 and is driving on near rim and is fish tailing. Vehicle now has both front tires flat.

9:29 pm -Both lanes west bound have been closed down. Multiple people have been found inside the vehicle.

9:31 ‘- The suspects are currently trying to take off in the van again.





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