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January 31, 2021

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Attention Needles residents the San Bernardino County Fire Household Hazardous Waste(HHW) Division is conducting a HHW Collection on 2/27/21 from 7am to 11am in conjunction with the City of Needles. Please note only residential waste will be accepted from County of San Bernardino residents. Business waste will not be accepted.

Accepted waste …

• Antifreeze
• Auto & Household Batteries
• Computer Monitors, TVs
• CPUs, Printers
• Fluorescent Tubes
• Home-Generated Sharps/Needles in
approved container
• Household Cleaners
• Medications – separate liquids from
solids (excluding controlled substances)
• Microwave Ovens
• Motor Oil/Used Filters
• Musical Cards, Clothes Irons
• Paint Products
• Pesticides & Fertilizers
• Space Heaters, Stereos, Radios
• Telephones
• VCRs/DVD Players

 NOT Accepted Waste …

• Asbestos
• Business/Commercial Wastes
• Explosives
• Medical Wastes other than sharps
• Radioactive Wastes
• Reactives
• Tire, Appliances, Furniture,
Air Conditioner, etc.
• Wastes from foreclosed properties
& non-profit organizations

Take the last step! Recycle your USED MOTOR OIL and OIL FILTERS! • Dumping used oil (or any chemical) is a crime – legally
and environmentally.

• Dumped oil contaminates ground water – our drinking
water source
• Used oil is insoluble and can contain toxic chemicals
• Used oil kills plant and aquatic life
• One pint of used oil can create an acre-sized oil slick on
surface waters

Remember when recycling oil to…

• Drain your oil from cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, lawnmowers,
etc., into a reusable, sealable container.
• Do not dump oil on the ground, in the gutter or storm drain, or throw in the trash
• Do not mix anything with the oil (water, paint, pesticides, diesel, antifreeze or gasoline)

Before transporting, be sure that…

• Waste is properly labeled or in its original container
• The container is no larger than 5 gallons. Transport no more than 15 gallons or 125 lbs.
• Containers are sound and not leaking
• Sharps /needles must be in approved biohazard container. Sharps will not be accepted
in plastic bags, coffee cans, or other containers
• Waste is securely placed in the back of the vehicle for safe transport

The following guidelines apply:

• Household Hazardous Waste ONLY. No Business-Generated Waste Accepted
• San Bernardino County Residents ONLY. Identification will be required
• No Early Birds (waste brought before 7:00a.m. will not be accepted)
• Waste must be accepted by County Fire Protection District personnel.
• Remain in vehicle at all times
• If you are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, please come back
after 14 days to one of our permanent collection sites

For questions or more information, contact: San Bernardino County Fire Protection District, Household Hazardous Waste Program 1.800.OILY.CAT (1.800.645.9228) Visit!

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