Ice Skating Rink plans begin to move forward in Kingman

Published by The Bee News

February 11, 2020

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Kingman, AZ – On Friday at the Kingman Golden Valley Association of Realtors the outreach committee along with members of the Venture Club of Kingman met to discuss the plans for a new Ice skating rink for the community.  This privately funded project, much like the previously funded Splash Pad, will provide families in the area for some much needed local activities.  A possible location of the venue is Locomotive Park in downtown which will also be a major attractor to tourists and visitors on Route 66.  The committee, after polling the local community through social media for the last two weeks have decided on the name “Kingman Ice on 66”.  The branding and theme will include the international appeal of the Mother Road, and will join only a handful of ice skating venues located on Route 66.  Kingman Ice on 66 is estimated to cost $250,000 which will be their set fundraising goal.  The rink is anticipated to be open 3 months out of the year, and long term goals are the ability to convert to rollerskating in the warmer months.  New information including full details,  projection of project costs and fundraising details are coming soon to

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  1. OMGAWSH … FINALLY..!!! I was just talking to a few coworkers about how there is practically NOTHING here in kingman for kids to do. Skating rink would Be SO SO AWESOME… ice rink 🤷🏼‍♀️ Because if it is’s only seasonal. But a SKATING rink. Now that’s something to talk about. If the ice rink was inside along with a roller rink. Now wer talking. But also their could be something with the ice rink as well. Like hockey for kids and adults ….BUT. Along with everything else in the world. Worries about stupid ppl. ( just my opinion )

    • How about a regular roller skating rink not everyone ice skates at least roller skates you can reach out to people of all ages id love to roller skate in a full rink been 20 years

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