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“Imposter Scam”

Written by The Bee

August 3, 2020

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During times of crisis, scammers look for opportunities to gain personal information from unsuspecting people.

It has been brought to our attention by patients and the media that scammers may be posing on the phone as Sonora Quest representatives to gain patients’ personal information by claiming they have COVID-19 test results. This is called an “Imposter Scam.”

Sonora Quest may return calls to patients regarding accessing their results, but we do not provide COVID-19 results or collect payment over the phone unless initiated by the patient. Sonora Quest’s normal protocol is to provide results to the ordering physician for them to relay those results to the patient so they can provide next steps for care based on a patient’s full medical history.

Additionally, based on the regulations and expected coverage for testing, Sonora Quest is not billing patients for COVID-19 PCR or antibody testing when it is ordered by a physician. These tests are likely to be covered by insurance, if the physician’s order meets the insurer’s medical coverage guidelines, resulting in a zero out-of-pocket expense. We work directly with your insurance, or the Department of Health and Human Services for those who are uninsured. Note that this does not include direct-access testing for COVID antibodies that is self-ordered through My Lab ReQuest™ when payment is due at time of service.

Patients can always obtain their test results by contacting their ordering physician or visiting and securely logging into their patient account.

Patients are encouraged to visit our coronavirus resources page ( for more information on COVID-19, access to results, testing, and billing.

Please be diligent before providing personal information to anyone over the phone.

Tips to Avoid Imposter Scams

  • Know that Sonora Quest will never ask for your Social Security number over the phone.
  • Be aware that Sonora Quest will not contact you to pay for COVID-19 testing over the phone.
  • Verify the phone number calling you and call back to be sure it is a Sonora Quest number, if unsure.
  • If you did not order a test, do not provide any of your information. Hang up immediately.

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