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May 14, 2019

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Jason John Butkovich, age 43, father of two beautiful daughters and self-appointed “Stud” and “Ladies Man”, came to join our Lord and Father far too early due to a sudden cardiac arrest on Thursday, February 7, 2019, while working on a jobsite with several friends and fellow crew members. Jason was born November 12, 1975, to father, John William Butkovich (deceased) and mother, Kathy Lynn (Taylor) Butkovich, in La Mirada, California. Jason was later joined in life by younger brother and “punching bag”, Matthew William Butkovich, growing up in Southern California, later moving to and graduating from Coeur d’Alene, ID. area schools, where they enjoyed making school officials, insurance companies, and hospitals of the area rewrite budgets and future policies.
Jason most recently hung his helmet in Fort Mohave, Arizona, where he lived, worked with, and loved many friends, neighbors, and his beloved pit bull, Baby Girl. He often wrote songs, played his guitar, or spoke about the Bible. Jason’s faith and love for our Lord was a bright light and inspiration for everyone around him. He was able to recite versus’ from the Bible for hours and would always be there to help anyone, even when he had so little himself.
He had a love for motorcycles and an incredible, natural ability to work on anything from small motors to performance engines. He could build or tear apart all electronics, gadgets and computers. Sometimes, on occasion…he even put them back together. On a positive note – if you needed parts for anything, Jason’s personal collection rivaled NAPA Auto Parts, Home Depot, and Best Buy. It made no difference if he was tearing apart a computer or fixing a motor, there was always one guarantee – it was getting a turbo, a supercharger, or NOS when he was done with it.
Jason’s wit and sense of humor made hanging around him always exciting, very funny, and sometimes in need of highly-educated, expensive council. Anyone around him knew that it wasn’t wise to “open the door” to practical jokes or shenanigans at any level. Whether it was wearing one of his masks and standing behind you silent in the dark or prank calling you while changing your screen saver from 1,000 miles away, Jason was sure to keep those around him on their toes.
Jason will be deeply missed by his family and friends including daughters, Jaylynn and Sierra Butkovich, of Bullhead City, AZ; mother, Kathy Moore of Coeur d’Alene, ID.; brother, Matthew Butkovich of St. Louis, MO.; and grandmother, Helen Taylor of Coeur d’Alene, ID.

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