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June 24, 2020

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Happy Summer Mohave County.  It has been a while since I last wrote to you.  I hope you are all safe and healthy considering all that is transpiring around the world.

I will begin with some updates on what we have been doing in the Assessor’s office since my last correspondence.  In January we sent out approximately 260,000 real property Notices of Value (NOV’s).  We received 478 appeals, this is a 43% reduction from the previous year.  This reduction tells us that we are valuing correctly and that we are communicating to the public appropriately.  All appeal responses will be mailed out July 2nd.  In August we will be passing the 2021 values to the Treasurer for their tax billing process.

Business Personal Property (PP) NOV’s will be sent out June 26th, these NOV’s have a 30 day appeal cycle.  The 2020 Personal Property Appeal deadline will be July 27th. Personal Property includes business values as well as mobile home values that are not affixed to real property.  Personal Property tax bills will be sent out in September along with Real Property tax bills.

Due to some confusion with mobile home tax bills it is important to remind new mobile home owners of a peculiar statute that could result in a delinquency bill for your newly purchased mobile home.  If you have just purchased a mobile home, and affixed it through the mortgage process, you will get a separate bill for that mobile the first year you own it.  Per statute we must wait until the following year to tie your mobile home value with your land value.  This leaves a 3-4 month window of chain of title changes to be including in the following tax year.  Thus, without realizing it, you could end up with a delinquency notice for your brand new mobile if you have not received your tax bill and paid it.  Please contact the Treasurer’s office or your mortgage holder to verify all taxes for your land AND your mobile have been paid.  After the first full year, it will be affixed with your parcel value and sent in one tax bill.

Our office is excited to have received our 2020 Pictometry photos.  We get these very detailed photos on a three year cycle.  Our new imagery is currently getting worked by our appraisal staff.  This oblique -imagery allows us to measure both the footprint and the height of structures, without leaving our office.  Due to our Pictometry imagery, we have a much more efficient appraisal process, saving our tax payers thousands of dollars in soft costs and creating a more effective and accurate data set.

The rest of the year our office will be working on our 2022 values, to be sent out as a Notice of Value (NOV) next spring.  A reminder that we will be accepting applications until September 1, 2020 for our Senior Valuation Freeze program and that our Widow/Widower and 100%Disabled exemption applications will be accepted from January 3-March 1, 2021.

Have a safe and healthy summer, I look forward to seeing many of you as our businesses, meetings and clubs start opening up again.

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