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March 3, 2020

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On February 6, 2020, after receiving a correspondence from a concerned citizen, the City of Bullhead City and A&G Towing teamed up to remove an abandoned vehicle in the desert.
City of Bullhead City Code Enforcement Inspector Ron Beardsley went out to the site of the abandon vehicle and determined it would require a four wheel vehicle to reach the abandon vehicle. Mr. Beardsley called the city contracted abatement company A&G Towing to evaluate the situation. A&G Towing and Mr. Beardsley worked together to determine the best route to retrieve the vehicle. After a short trek through the desert, the tow truck driver determined that he could not get all the way to the vehicle with the tow truck due to uneven and unstable ground. The driver then began to trek down an embankment with a winch cable in hand and hooked it to the vehicle then returned to the truck and began to winch it up to the tow truck. After about 30 minutes of back and forth with the vehicle and the tow truck he was able to get close enough to hook it to the tow truck. Then he began the journey back to the pavement with the abandoned vehicle in tow. The entire process took approximately one hour to remove the vehicle.
“The City appreciates the efforts of A&G Towing to remove this unsightly vehicle from our beautiful desert,” City Manager Toby Cotter said. “This is another example of the City teaming up with the private sector for the benefit of the community.”
The City encourages all residents to report illegal dumping or abandoned vehicles. “Together, we will continue to clean-up and beautify Bullhead City,” Cotter said.

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  1. Check the VIN, find the owner, submit bill to reimburse city.

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