Kingman and Lake Havasu tie for #3 for Cities with the most divorced people

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January 20, 2023

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Stacker used data from the 2021 American Community Survey’s 5-year estimates from the Census Bureau to compile a list of the 50 metropolitan areas with the highest divorce rates. Historically, divorce was seen as a source of failure and shame, but this perception has changed over time. Divorce is now more common and accepted across the country, with the National Center for Health Statistics reporting over 630,000 divorces in 2020. However, the rate of divorce may vary depending on where you live. The metropolitan areas on the list, all with a population of over 50,000, are ranked by the percentage of the divorced adult population. The percentage of the adult population that is divorced, separated, married, or widowed is also noted, along with any ties in the data.

#3 Kingman and Lake Havasu City (tie)
– Percent currently divorced: 15.3% (4.5 points above national average)
– Currently separated: 2.1% (0.3 points above national average)
– Currently married: 51.0% (3.0 points above national average)
– Currently widowed: 8.7% (3.1 points above national average)
– Percent never married: 23.0% (10.8 points below national average)
– Total adult population estimate: 181,749

Here is the top ten list from highest to lowest

  1. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  2. Prescott Valley- Prescott, Arizona
  3. Kingman & Lake Havasu City, Arizona
  4. Hot Springs, Arkansas
  5. Battle Creek, Michigan
  6. St. Joseph, Missouri, Kansas
  7. Medford, Orgeon
  8. Kingsport-Bristol, Tennessee- Virginia
  9. Carson City, Nevada
  10. Texarkana, Texas-Arkansas

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