Kingman Force on Force Training Center Opens Today

Published by The Bee News

September 17, 2018

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KINGMAN–The new Kingman Force on Force Training Center will hold their grand opening today at noon at 3001 N. Stockton Hill Road in Kingman.

“Our goal is to empower law-abiding individuals to exercise their right of self-defense, offering the best systems that are normally only available to law enforcement and military personal, and making this knowledge affordable and convenient for everyone. We believe self-defense if a human right,” said founder Gianluca Zanna.

Among the self-defense classes, Kingman Force on Force offers Empty-Hands, Krav-Maga, Edged Weapons, Kick Boxing, a Virtual Range with Combat Scenarios, the Gladiator Workout, Cardio Firearms, Firearms Training, AZ CCW classes, AZ Security Guard certifications, UTM/Airsoft Force on Force Training, Non-Lethal Weapons Training, Tai-Chi Chen-Style, Anti-Bullying Classes and Customized Personal Training.

Kingman Force on Force Firearms Instructors are NRA Certified in Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Self-Defense Inside the Home, Self-Defense Outside the Home, Chief Range Safety Officer, Refuse to be a Victim, UTM (non-lethal ammunition) Instructor, and also AZ DPS Licensed. Kingman Force on Force has as a Self-Defense Instructor a former Special Forces trained combat Veteran who served as an infantry paratrooper and who survived 3 wars in 3 different continents. He is a black-belt in Kung-Fu, Hsing Yi and Shaolin, with Advanced Iron-Hand Certification. He trained South African Special Forces in Hand-to-Hand and Edged Weapons.

Kingman Force on Force has focused firearms classes just for women, as in “Moms with Guns,” and focused self-defense classes designed especially for Seniors and children.

Kingman Force on Force will offer free seminars such as “Free Gun Safety Class” and “Positive Interactions with Law Enforcement while Armed.”

Kingman Force on Force requires no membership and the first one hour demo class is free to local residents with identification. Ask for information on special discounts for families and couples. Visit for additional information.

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