Kingman Government Operations Coming Back Online Following Criminal Cyberattack – Investigation Update-

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April 9, 2021

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Kingman Government Operations Coming Back Online

Following Criminal Cyberattack

– Investigation Update-

KINGMAN, Ariz. – The City of Kingman government operations are slowly getting back to fully operational after a February cyberattack. The City of Kingman is insured against this type of cyberattack and we are working closely with different agencies and an insurance provider to conduct the forensic investigation. Some of the steps in the investigative process is working to confirm where the possible cyberattack originated. At this time, the forensic analyses are trying to pinpoint whether this originated from a specific employee’s email or a link to a corrupted website. The City of Kingman is categorizing this as a criminal cyberattack; the city never lost control of our network. At this time, we are still working to discover the extent of the event and trying to discover if any information has been damaged. The city has a legal obligation to inform any customers or internal team members if their information has been damaged or exposed.

Although certain emails may seem legitimate at first glance, it is more important than ever for people to be vigilant regarding emails they receive, because criminal cyberattacks can attack individuals, cities, and even companies as large as Facebook (which recently happened). The city is still working on the investigation and we will keep updating residents as information becomes available.

The City’s utility pay-by-phone system is back online. Payments can be made by dialing (928) 753-8585. Customers may experience a busy signal, due to large call volumes. We appreciate your patience as we get systems back online safely. Customers can also pay their utility bill in person or over the phone with a customer service representative. The city is waiving all delinquent notice fees at this time. The City will be resuming the normal bank drafting process for customers currently signed up for bank draft (automatic bank account payments), beginning with utility bills with a due date of April 12, 2021 and later. The City of Kingman is still unable to process automatic online credit card payments at this time. It is still unknown when all systems will be fully functional.

The city’s Information Technology (IT) team members have been bringing government operations back online at a slow, safe pace. Kingman IT members have visited the city’s more than 20 work sites within the city, and getting email, internet access, and some specialized programs up and running. Some work functions, specialized software, files, etc. are still not accessible in some departments, as this is a lengthy process to ensure a safe transition to being fully functional. We are hopeful that the majority of the system could be fully functional soon. Once again, the Municipal Court is unaffected.

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