Kingman Government Operations Slowly Coming Back Online Following Criminal Cyber Attack

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March 10, 2021

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Kingman Government Operations Slowly Coming Back Online

Following Criminal Cyber Attack

-Investigation Ongoing-

KINGMAN, Ariz. – City of Kingman Information Technology (IT) team members are slowly beginning to bring certain government operations back online. At this time Kingman IT members are visiting the city’s more than 20 work sites within the city, in order to get team members back online; departments are coming back online with email and internet access, only, as this is a lengthy process to ensure a safe transition to being fully functional. Some work functions, specialized software, files, etc. are still not accessible to most departments. We are hopeful that roughly 99% of staff could have access to email by early next week. Once again, the Municipal Court is unaffected.

The City of Kingman is categorizing this as a, “criminal cyber-attack;” we never lost control of our network. At this time, we are still working to discover the extent of the event and trying to discover if any information has been damaged. The city has a legal obligation to inform any customers or internal team members if their information has been damaged or exposed.

Customers can pay their utility bill in person or over the phone with a customer service representative. We are experiencing long lines and hold times, so we ask for customer’s patience. The city is waiving all delinquent notice fees at this time. It is still unknown when all systems will be fully functional.


The City of Kingman experienced a cyber-attack throughout the entire computer system Friday, February 26, 2021. The Arizona National Guard Cyber Joint Task Force was onsite with the City of Kingman Information Technology team beginning Saturday, February 27, and left late March 3, as the Kingman IT department transitioned to using new resources. The City of Kingman appreciates the quick action of the Governor’s Office and the expertise offered by the AZ National Guard Cyber Joint Task Force.

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