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March 29, 2023

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** Dangerous Drugs and Multiple Warrants **

On Tuesday, March 8th, at about 1:10pm, the Kingman Police Department arrested Bradley G Shively, 50 area vagrant, on felony charges of Possession of Dangerous Drugs, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and 7 misdemeanor arrest warrants; and Nicole D. Goodall-Shively, 39 area vagrant, on 4 misdemeanor arrest warrants.  Officers contacted the Shivley’s in an area near Airway Ave. and Evans St., when it was discovered that both had arrest warrants out of Kingman Municipal Court, Bullhead City Municipal Court and Kingman Justice Court on assorted vagrancy related offense.  Officers additionally located methamphetamine and the associated drug paraphernalia.  Both were booked into the Mohave County Adult Detention Facility.

** SCAM Warning **

The Kingman Police Department has received multiple reports of people being victimized as a result of telephone scams.  The scams have a common theme wherein a person calls and identifies themselves as someone in legal authority.  Scammers have identified themselves as officials from the Kingman Police Department, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Federal Trade Commission.  The scammer them threatens the unsuspecting victim with arrest if money is not provided to satisfy some offense or overdue fine.  Often, the scammer will direct the victim to purchase gift cards and provide the card numbers.  Several victims have been scammed out of several thousands of dollars.  It is important to recognize the scam, do not be intimidated and hang-up immediately.  DO NOT engage in conversation.  Once money is exchanged or the gift card information is provided, the money is gone and will not be recovered.  Most of these scammers originate from out of the country.  Scammers deliberately falsify their phone number to disguise their identity (aka Spoofing). The Kingman Police Department DOES NOT call individuals, demand payment and threaten arrest.

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