KRMC Hires New Practitioners

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April 16, 2020

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Nurse practitioner joins KRMC Pain Management team

Kingman, Arizona, April 15, 2020 – Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) is pleased to welcome Anna Samons, NP to the care team at KRMC Pain Management.

As a nurse practitioner specializing in pain management, Anna Samons provides care for patients with chronic pain conditions, from low back pain to arthritis and more.

With experience in the emergency room, the operating room, and in the medical-surgical unit, Samons has extensive knowledge in patient care. She began her healthcare career as a surgical technologist in 2009 and became a registered nurse in 2013.

Samons chose to continue her education, and in 2019 she earned her Master of Science in Nursing from South University.

For Samons, pain management medicine is an opportunity to provide hands-on care. She enjoys the aspect of problem-solving for and with her patients.

Her approach to patient care involves actively listening to each patient to understand how their pain affects them. “Something as simple as hearing my patients’ point of view makes a huge difference in their care,” says Samons.

Nurse practitioner joins KRMC Primary Care

Kingman, Arizona, April 15, 2020 – Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) is pleased to welcome Joie Tedder, NP to the KRMC Primary Care Team. As a board certified family nurse practitioner, Joie Tedder provides care to patients of all ages. She treats a range of conditions – from acute illness, like cold and flu, to chronic disease, such as diabetes.

Tedder has extensive experience in various areas of medicine, from inpatient to emergency, to urgent and primary care. She worked as a registered nurse for 10 years before advancing her education to become a nurse practitioner. Tedder earned her Master of Science degree in Nursing from Georgetown University in 2014.

Tedder views her role as that of a health partner to her patients. It is important to communicate and ensure the provider and patient have the same goals in mind. “Their healthcare is not a journey that they have to go alone,” she says.

She values honesty and education – giving the patient all the information available to enable them to make knowledgeable decisions about their care.

KRMC Primary Care is located at 3801 Santa Rosa Drive, Suite 400 (4th floor). For more information, contact (928) 682-8530.


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