Lake Mead National Recreation Area Bi-Weekly Operations Update

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December 7, 2022

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Welcome to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area bi-weekly operations update! These updates are intended to help LAKE staff, partners and the public navigate changes and closures that might impact their activities.  

Alan Bible Visitor Center Closures 

12/25 (Christmas Day) – CLOSED 


Road Work 

Looking Ahead: (Dates and times are approximate and may be adjusted due to inclement weather, staff, or mechanical issues.)  

  • 12/05 – 10 (Monday – Saturday) – Pearce Ferry Road expect delays with heavy equipment on the road. 


Looking Ahead: (Dates and times are approximate and may be adjusted due to inclement weather, staff, or mechanical issues.) 

  • No closures are currently planned for Hemenway boat ramp or any of the boat ramps on Lake Mohave. 
  • Ongoing construction continues at Hemenway Harbor. Exercise caution when operating vehicles and launching and retrieving vessels along the ramp and throughout the parking area. 

Annual Scheduled Lake Mohave Draw-Down

The water levels for Lake Mohave are slowly returning to normal following the end of the annual draw-down. As of December 6, the lake elevation is at 640.2 feet and should return to normal levels (646-647 feet) by mid-January 2023.Boaters are still urged to use caution when operating on Lake Mohave as hazards may shift or appear in areas that were previously passable.  


  • Desert Princess, Hemenway Harbor – The Desert Princess, run by Lake Mead Cruises, will stop operations for the winter on December 1 through March 15, 2023. Services will begin again in Spring 2023.
  • Las Vegas Boat Harbor/Lake Mead Marina Restaurants will only have one restaurant open at a time. Please contact the marinas ahead of time for schedule. Las Vegas Boat Harbor: 702-293-1191; Lake Mead Marina: 702-262-8464.
  • Callville Bay Marina – The above-ground fuel tank has been moved to the floating fuel dock. The land store and lounge are temporarily closed and the showers and restrooms for the RV sites will re-open. Snacks and grab and go’s are available at the store on the water seven days per week from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. The snack bar on the water (Dockside Grill) is closed and will re-open Spring 2023. Callville Bay continues to move the marina every week on Tuesdays (weather permitting). 
  • Temple Bar Marina – The fuel dock is changing to winter hours, open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The motel, restaurant and bar are closed for the winter. The motel will re-open May 1, 2023 and the restaurant and bar will re-open May 15, 2023. The store is open daily from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Willow Beach Marina – The Willow Beach marina, camp store, and Black Canyon Grill will be closed December 13. No rentals or services will be available at this time. The campground will remain open to those with reservations. Willow Beach Marina will re-open December 14 with the usual business hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


These are larger events occurring within the next month that may impact crowds and slow access to these areas. 

  • 12/09 – 11 (Friday – Sunday) – Las Vegas Bay – Fishing Tournament 
  • 12/10 (Saturday) 
    • Hoover Dam, Boulder Beach, Historic Railroad Trail/RMLT – Run 
    • Lake Mead Boat Harbor and Marina – Fishing Tournament 
  • 12/17 (Saturday) – Las Vegas Boat Harbor and Marina – Fishing Tournament 

Water Levels 

  • As of Tuesday (12/07), the current water elevation at Lake Mead is: 1043.30’ 
  • Current water levels can be found at the Bureau of Reclamation website
  • The BOR 24-month most probable projection for December 2023 (based on October 2022 data) is 1,021.77’. 

Muddy Shorelines 

  • Be wary of the wet silt/mud in newly exposed shorelines. This primarily applies to Lake Mead, but is also a concern at Lake Mohave until the water returns to normal levels in January 2023 (as a result of the annual draw down). 
  • If you see an animal trapped in the mud, please contact the non-emergency dispatch number with the location 702-293-8998. We will send out trained staff to help.  
  • If a vehicle is stuck in the mud, call Southern Nevada Off Road Recovery (SNORR):  702-706-2330, or send a message in Facebook Messenger @snorr702. 
  • If a person is stuck in the mud and needs help or there is an emergency, call the Lake Mead emergency dispatch number: 702-293-8932. 

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