Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Bi-Weekly Operations Update

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August 30, 2022

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Welcome to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area bi-weekly operations updates! These updates are intended to help LAKE staff, partners and the public navigate changes and closures that might impact their activities.  


Road Work 


  • 8/17 (Wednesday) – Re-graded Cottonwood Cove’s 6-mile through 9-mile Cove Roads damaged by monsoons. 
  • 8/16 – 8/17 (Tuesday and Wednesday) – Re-cleaned River Mountains Loop Trail due to monsoons. 
  • 8/18 (Tuesday) – Traffic counter installed at Gold Strike Canyon Access Road and Willow Beach Entrance Station. 

Looking Ahead: (Dates and times are approximate and may be adjusted due to inclement weather, staff or mechanical issues.)  

  • 9/6-9 (Tuesday – Friday) Crews will be grading the following roads: Christmas Tree Pass, Telephone Cove Nevada, and Cabin Site Cove and Princess Cove at Katherine Landing.


On August 16 it was discovered that an individual or individuals not affiliated with the park brought in heavy equipment to Echo Bay and graded undisturbed desert to create an unapproved boat ramp and parking area. This is not only a a violation of park rules, it damages the desert environment and potentially damages cultural resources we are tasked to protect. Park staff have created multiple dirt and concrete berms to close the unapproved Echo Bay ramp and rangers have increased patrols in this area to deter future unlawful actions. 



  • 8/24 (Monday) – Hemenway Harbor launch ramp pipe mat and dock were adjusted due to rising lake levels. 

Looking Ahead: (Dates and times are approximate and may be adjusted due to inclement weather, staff or mechanical issues.) 

  • 8/31 (Wednesday) – Hemenway Harbor launch ramp will be closed to adjust pipe mat and dock from 7 a.m. – mid-morning. No boats will be able to exit or enter during closure.
  • 9/2 (Friday) – Hemenway launch ramp will be closed from 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. to adjust the dock in preparation for the holiday weekend. This means no boats can launch or come into the dock for retrieval during these hours.
  • 9/12 (Monday) – Crews will mobilize to develop a concrete extension of the Hemenway launch ramp. The concrete extension will replace pipemat down a lake level of approximately 1,037’. The two lanes of pipemat will remain open for use while this work is being done. When the water drops below this threshold, the park will return to using pipemat extension.
  • 10/24 – 28 (Monday-Friday) – Willow Beach Ramp will be closed due to additional water releases from Lake Mohave. The ramp will be dredged. No boats will be able to exit or enter during closure.

Please prepared for a busy Labor Day Holiday weekend and likely capacity closures, particularly at Willow Beach. Arriving early (before 11 a.m.) or later in the day (after 3 p.m.) increases the likelihood of being able to access marina facilities and launch locations. Have multiple beach locations mapped out as alternative recreational spots if you plan on visiting the park this weekend. Several options are provided at the end of this email. 


  • Las Vegas Boat Harbor/Lake Mead Marina Restaurants will only have one restaurant open at a time. Please contact the marinas ahead of time for schedule. Las Vegas Boat Harbor: 702-293-1191; Lake Mead Marina: 702-262-8464. 

Water Levels 

  • As of Tuesday (8/30), the current water elevation at Lake Mead is: 1,044.08’. 
  • The Bureau of Reclamation has released its updated 24-month projections. The study projects the August 2023 levels to be at 1,019’ and July 2024 levels to be 1,013’. 
  • August end-of-month prediction: 1,042.35 


  • Be wary of the wet silt/mud in newly exposed shorelines.  
  • If you see an animal trapped in the mud, please contact the non-emergency dispatch number with the location: 702-293-8998. We will send out trained staff to help.  
  • If a vehicle is stuck in the mud, call Southern Nevada Off Road Recovery (SNORR): 702-706-2330, or send a message in Facebook Messenger @snorr702. 
  • If a person is stuck in the mud and needs help or there is an emergency, call the Lake Mead emergency dispatch number: 702-293-8932. 

Alternatives to Willow Beach if it is Closed Due to Capacity during Labor Day Weekend 2022

  • Boulder Beach is an approximately 2-mile stretch of beach near Hemenway Harbor includes multiple beaches adjacent to one another (including Special Events, Canoe/Kayak, PWC, and Swim Beaches). There are bathrooms and plenty of beach space and parking. Bring your own shade.
  • Kingman Wash is recommended if you have high clearance and 4wd vehicles. This Arizona beach overlooking the Boulder Islands is smaller and can get crowded. A bathroom is about 1 mile from the water. Bring your own shade.
  • Cottonwood Cove is located on Lake Mohave’s Nevada side. This cove can get quite busy early in the day, so plan accordingly.
  • North Arizona Telephone Cove is typically one of the last to fill up at Katherine Landing.
  • If you want to use paddle craft and not hang out along the beach, consider Temple Bar.
  • If you are leaving from Las Vegas and want to use paddle craft, consider Echo Bay.

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