Law Enforcement credits social media for identifying suspects

Published by The Bee News

December 30, 2019

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Social media continues to prove itself as a master crime deterrent.  More and more arrests have been credited to swift action taken on social media.  A recent Netflix documentary called Don’t F**k With Cats” shed some light on the power of the internet and social media as an international group online helped track down a murderer.  Have you ever given a tip on social media to catch a criminal?

Check out the recent post from the Bullhead City Police Dept.

?UPDATE?– Thanks to social media, these shoplifters have been identified.
SHOPLIFTING – Can anyone ID these shoplifters? These two suspects recently fled Wal-Mart with over $1,000 worth of merchandise. Please call BHCPD, reference #19-07749, at (928) 763-9200 if you have any info. – Bullhead City Police Dept

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