Legend Ranch Road Under Long-Term Maintenance

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April 12, 2023

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MOHAVE COUNTY, AZ (April 12, 2023) –In 2017, Mohave County completed soil stabilization and hard surfacing of Legend Ranch Road, from Colorado Road to U.S. 93.  The project delivered a convenient connection between Golden Valley and Mineral Park, achieving 7-mile and 5-minute travel distance and travel time savings for motorists traveling between Golden Valley and points north on U.S. 93.

After Legend Ranch Road opened to traffic, it serviced upwards of 500 vehicles per day.  However, the route’s convenience invited significant heavy truck traffic, particularly when U.S. 93 Coyote Pass experienced congested conditions.  Heavy trucks cause pavement load some 250 times that of a passenger car and light truck.  As a result, Legend Ranch Road has exhibited undue pavement distress over an extended distance largely due to heavy loads coupled with weak subsurface soil.

The county, through its Public Works Department, will undertake heavy maintenance of Legend Ranch Road, including subsurface materials.  This maintenance will take place over an extended period of time.  First, Public Works will scarify the existing pavement surface where distress and maintain an unsurfaced condition across certain road segments.

Legend Ranch Road will be open to traffic after this work is completed by mid-May.  The road will also  be operated at a reduced 35 mph posted speed limit.

Public Works will complete the balance of the necessary heavy maintenance work in Fall, 2023 to assure the summer monsoon season does not interfere with work progress and outcome.

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