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LifeSkills Parenting Program

Written by The Bee News

February 7, 2021

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WestCare is proud to announce the opening of enrollment in our LifeSkills Parenting Program. The program is built to help concerned parents understand the warning signs of drug use, abuse, and negative influences in the lives of children grades 6-9. Learn the skills to effectively guide your children through these difficult times.

The Botvin LifeSkills Program, developed by Dr. Gilbert J. Botvin, is a 7-session program available from WestCare at no cost. Program enrollment is limited to 6 parents per group. 720 Hancock Rd, Bullhead City. RSVP is a must; program is made available at no cost to parents (FREE). Contact WestCare to enroll at (928) 763-1945. First come, first served.

The LifeSkills Training Parent Program is designed to help parents strengthen communication with their children and prevent them from using drugs. This powerful prevention tool is available at no cost. This program contains materials and exercises that help parents teach their children the skills that help them resist the threats of tobacco, drugs, and violence. These tools help parents prepare their children for a successful transition from adolescence to early adulthood.

The LifeSkills Training Parent Program helps to strengthen parenting skills in these areas:

  • the issues related to adolescent drug abuse
  • how to be a good role model for your child, ways to convey a clear anti-drug message, and tips for effective family communication and parental monitoring
  • helping your children develop personal self-management and social skills


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