Local Teacher Fired Over Alleged Racial Remarks

Published by The Bee News

August 30, 2018

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BULLHEAD CITY—A local teacher has been reportedly relieved of her duties as a language arts instructor at Fox Creek Jr High following an allegation she used a racial epithet towards one of her students.

Victoria Kunzmann is alleged to have called one of her students the N-word on August 24.

“This was my son she said this to,” said Catherine Nevels. “My son opened Ms. Kunzmann’s classroom door to see if class was dismissed since his next class was being held there. When he opened the door, Ms. Kunzmann said to my son (expletive) N-word.”

Nevels said at that point her son closed the door and reported the incident to the assistant principal.

“My family’s public exposure of this matter is to make sure that anyone who would display such insensitivity and intolerance should not be allowed to teach anymore,” expressed Nevels. “Anyone who can not control his/her own personal rants of ignorance, would only potentiate an environment for hatred and judgement amongst our children.”

Nevels continued, “These actions are a violation of the moral and professional code of conduct for educators and no child should have to experience this. This is 2018, not 1918. I should not have to explain to my 12-year-old why someone would express such hatred based on his skin color alone. I’m grateful that the school handled things quickly, but I don’t want her to be able to go to another school and act this way to another student.”

According to the Bullhead City Elementary School District, Kunzmann is no longer employed with the district and because the investigation is a personnel matter no additional information can be released publicly.

Kunzmann’s background also includes teaching seventh grade at the Bullhead City Junior High and English in the Middle East.

Kunzmann was employed with the BCESD from July 2013 up until now. The school district handles all resignations, terminations and retirements during school board meetings. The next board meeting will be held on September 20.

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  1. I had her for seventh grade language art teacher in bullhead city junior high. She was the sweetest teacher I knew she listened to my problem and when I was getting bullied she was always there for me. She would never yelled or cuss or hit or be racist to a student

  2. I know this woman extremely well. There has been an error or total botch up. She is an incredibly inclusive teacher. This is a witch hunt.

  3. My son went through a similiar incident last year with another student. My child and another boy were bullying and fighting on the bus throughout all of the last semester of school last year. Name calling, cursing at one another, mean acting towards one another. Mind you my son had 6 or 7 warnings/write ups about this & I was not made aware Of anything, not any write ups for being in trouble, till the papers I requested prior to meeting with the board. My son was suspended for 7-8 days then returned to school (after we met with the boys parents, the sheriff,principle all took place prior) he was told he is suspended for 10 days now & the last days out of school did not count, & we must meet in front of the school board justifying my son to be not expelled. He was able to go back to school, he has not had any issue with the boy or bus & the two kids are actually somewhat friends & played together in the neighbor hood. Best part! My son is in 4th grade. Yes4th. He used a word he learned from his older brothers music, tv, or read the word and had NO clue of the N words meaning he just wanted other kids to laugh at him for this, as they did when he called my son tellatubby because he is big..their eyes fat. My point of this is…it would not have been an issue if the boys parents wouldn’t had made it a racial, slavery issue. It’s not right. Not at all. I’m just interested in hearing the teachers side of what happened. Not to say the boy is lying..I just hope other adults also heard the teacher say the N word… not just he said she said. Careers can b ruined over situations like this. My two cents! Thanks!

    • Do you know how much it hurt your son to be called teletubby because he is “big”. Multiple that by 100 when a black child has an adult whom he has to be respectful of call him the n word?

      • They’re words and you give them all the meaning. Who are you to say what hurts more? Then he goes home and his homies call each other that and they all cool.

  4. She needed to be fired! Racist teachers should not be allowed to teach education in any school district. How can she teach when she’s displayed such ignorance? Whatever negativity she gets thrown her way during this investigation, she deserves it. She’s lucky the parents of the young man are very smart, intelligent and very educated and know how to handle things accordingly because any other parent , out of anger and not thinking twice(like she didn’t) would have beat her a** and asked questions later. It’s so sad children have to go to school and get called the “N” word in 2018. She needs to go play in traffic… on the highway… in the fast lane.

    • She would never say that I have known this lady most of my life and no way would she ever say that

    • First off, she looks ethnic. Second, I’ve dealt with punk assed kids like this who push and push and then when they get a reaction they go tattle. The punk probably should have gotten a beat down.

    • You are hateful and an asshole

  5. It’s OK if they call each other that word, but nobody else better do it!! I say if the word is spoken, then that person needs to be disciplined. Even if they are a black person!! If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander. I am sick and tired of double standards!!!

  6. Ive known this woman along time and her family and I can honestly tell you that I know that never would that word ever come out of her mouth ever

  7. I can honestly tell you that I’ve known this woman and her family a very long time and I know that that word would never come out of her mouth ever maybe you should go about it on maybe it was one of the students that had said that because I can guarantee that that word would never come out of that woman’s mouth

    • Sometimes it’s the people you least expect, to do something that totally goes against the type of person that tou think they are. Don’t judge a book by its cover, you don’t know what anyone is capable of doing!

  8. This was my teacher last year, she was my favorite without a doubt. I know for sure that she would have a reason to do this, I am a student at fox creek and i know what these kids act like. They get told to do something and they assume it’s because they are a different race as a joke. A lot of kids would go and make up lies of these teachers because they hated them. In Bullhead junior high last year kids would go around saying teachers did drugs. It almost got reported to the police but the kid who spread the rumor spoke up and said he was kidding.
    Kids, like me, don’t care about anyone but themselves and as a result something like this happens. She i still my favorite teacher, and my parents favorite teacher because when i went through some REALLY rough times she was there for me, she helped me so much. The fact that she got fired angers me.

    • This lady was a really good teacher but she had lashed out on us so many times and brought the ENTIRE class’grade down and she had done so much more. I had always pictured her as a feminist but she was a lot ?. She was a GOOD teacher but she let her emotions get in front of her too much. I’m honestly surprised that she didn’t get fired last year for the things she said and did but nobody told on her because she taught us well.

  9. This seems odd. Why would a teacher do that? Is that all that happened? The kid opened the door and the teacher shouted “N***er?” Really? There is more to this story for sure. I smell a skunk somewhere.

    • All i picture is just
      *door opens*
      Ms.kunzmann: THIS F**KING N****R, ALEX

    • You can be sure that’s not all that happened. But the kid is someone’s precious little angel who can do no wrong – with a parents who probably can’t even write a coherent sentence. Can anyone in BHC write a coherent sentence? BHC is a collection of the dumbest box of rocks on the planet.

  10. I had her last year and i made some jokes about mein kampf being my fav book and that hitler had alot of unfinished work like his paintings and a friend drew swatikas on her hands (they looked rly good) and she called me a cracker lol. But she always struck me as a feminist/sjw but i can never picture her calling a kid a nigger.

  11. If she said the word, I would think other students heard it spoken. If so ask the students whether she spoke the word or not. I’m not saying she did or saying she didn’t, let the board determine what really happened after through investigation.

  12. Regardless of what was happening in her previous class, or how irritated she was, noone should endure being called a racial slur. An adult should know better, and now how to act!

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