Looking for the Big Horn Sheep? Check out “Ram Cam”!

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September 5, 2023

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BOULDER CITY – One of the most common calls to Boulder City staff is, “What time do the Bighorn Sheep graze in Hemenway Park?” Now, residents can watch these majestic animals from anywhere, thanks to the newly launched “Ram Cam” live video camera feed.
The Bighorn Sheep come down from the mountain during various times of day, making it difficult to know when they’ll be around. Most days, you can see 40- 60 in the park looking for water and grazing on the grass. The camera was placed in the northwest corner of Hemenway Park, located at 401 Ville Dr.
Their presence draws tour buses from around the Valley with people hoping to catch a glimpse. “They are a very popular tourist attraction to our community,” said City Manager Taylour Tedder. “Unfortunately, they are wild animals and keep an unpredictable schedule. They may be in the park Monday morning at 8 a.m., but Tuesday, they may not show up at all.”
The Ram Cam was first suggested in March 2022 under the leadership of Roger Hall, the City Parks and Recreation Director and Boulder City resident for four decades. Connectivity issues slowed the process as the park needed an internet network connection to upload a live feed.
City staff from various departments and divisions worked together to plan and install needed technology over the past few months. The video feed is available on the City website 24/7 (except if under maintenance). The project also links the security cameras at Hemenway ballpark to the City’s network.
The equipment cost just under $6,000, which came from the City’s General Fund. “In addition to out-of-town visitors, many residents want to take their families to see the bighorns while they’re in the park,” said Hall. “Now, they can check the feed on their home computer or cell phone and decide if they want to make the drive, ride or walk to the park.”
To watch the live feed anytime, visit www.bcnv.org/ramcam.

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