LOST HIKER: Harrison Cove – Southwest area of SARA Park, South of Lake Havasu City

Published by The Bee News

May 15, 2022

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About 10pm Sunday (5/8) evening, the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 44-year-old male hiker who had become separated from his 24-year-old male hiking partner while hiking from their desert camp to Harrison Cove (about 5 to 6 miles) – southwest area of Sara’s Park. He was lost and had no water with him. Lake Havasu City Fire and Search and Rescue began a route and location search along the trail system. A cell phone ping assisted searchers to his location – down a remote wash area and then hiked up a mountain to him. He was very dehydrated, but after receiving some water – he was able to hike to awaiting Jeeps and transported to the Command Post. He was reunited with his hiking partner, who was waiting for him at their camp. Search and Rescue wants to remind everyone to always bring water and plenty of supplies during adventures in the rugged, remote wilderness areas of Mohave County. We are entering into the warmer weather season and dehydration (along with heat exhaustion and heat stroke) can set in rapidly – all of which can turn deadly, quickly. Please plan ahead and be prepared. Great job by everyone!

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