LVMPD ID Suspect In Nail Salon Killing

Published by The Bee News

January 3, 2019

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Whipple is seen here in a mugshot from an April 2018 arrest. Police are searching for her in connection to a deadly hit-and-run. CONTRIBUTED/Las Vegas Police

LAS VEGAS–A suspect in last weeks tragic killing of a nail tech has been identified by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police as 21-year-old Krystal Whipple.

Surveillance video released Thursday by Las Vegas Police show Whipple exiting the store and walking to her car. She then starts to back up to leave when salon owner Nhu “Annie” Nguyen races after her. Nguyen is seen jumping in front of the suspect’s vehicle as Nguyen’s husband grabs on to the rear of the vehicle. The suspect, Whipple, is alleged to have accelerated, striking Nguyen and dragging her underneath the vehicle as Whipple fled the scene.

The incident began after Whipple allegedly tried to pay her $35 bill with a fraudulent credit card.

Lt. Ray Spencer said in a video conference that Whipple told Nguyen she would get the cash out of her vehicle and return to pay it. However, Whipple failed to return.

Nguyen was taken to University Medical Center and pronounced dead.

Nguyen was a longtime resident of Bullhead City and former owner of Lovely Nails salon prior to moving to Las Vegas last year. Over the past week, friends and family of Annie have taken to social media pages to express their sorrows and stories they had exchanged with Annie over the decade of her living in the Tri-state.

As for Whipple, Metro is asking for the public’s assistance in finding her. Anyone with information is asked to contact their local police department or LVMPD 702-828-3521 or

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    • I can’t believe they did that over $35 . All they had to do was make a report about the incident and let the police catch her. $35 isn’t worth your life. My condolences to the family for their loss. I pray that they catch this girl and bring her to justice

    • Victim blaming?? More like, $35 is not worth risking your freedom by murdering someone! The woman did what any person would do in the heat of the moment. People are just evil and have evil spirits….it is HER fault that this woman died….not the victim.

    • Also not worth committing murder for.

    • Oh, yes, by all means, blame the victim. Not the obvious drughead thief who ran her down.

    • Over some stupid nails….. That’s just ridiculous

    • Victim blaming much? The blame lays squarely on the woman who hit the accelerated and committed murder for a $35 dollar bill.

    • Yes but $35 is also not a reason to run over and kill someone either

    • Dorothy,
      No 35 dollars is not worth risking your life nor is 35 dollars worth taking a life! Don’t blame the victim.

  1. What is this world coming to? Really, you choose to run over a human being over some stupid nails??? Come on….I hope you sit and think this over and over as you sit your ass in prison. Over some nails…. REALLY?

  2. I’ve had some pushy nail salon employees before but standing in front of a moving vehicle to get a measly 35 bux is um asking for trouble.

  3. tragic, stupid, they both should receive Darwin awards..

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