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Mayoral Recall Submission Transmitted to County

Written by The Bee News

January 21, 2021

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Mayoral Recall Submission Transmitted to County

KINGMAN, Ariz. – On September 14, 2020, Mr. James Coffman applied for a recall request for Kingman Mayor Jen Miles. On Monday, January 11, 2021, recall petitions were submitted regarding the application, “2020REC001- Mayor Miles.”

The initial receipt provided by Mr. Coffman indicated that he submitted 148 petition sheets with 2,367 unverified signatures. After further review, it was determined that the actual number of submitted petitions was 168 sheets with 2,367 unverified signatures; 1384 is the number of verified signatures required to authorize this recall election.

Upon completion of the initial review per A.R.S. § 19-121.01(A), the Kingman City Clerk’s office has transmitted the petitions to the Mohave County Recorder Kristi Blair’s office for verification of 164 petition sheets with 2,287 unverified signatures. The recorder’s office has 60 days to verify signatures Once the petition sheets are returned to the Kingman City Clerk’s office with the results of sufficient signatures, the final determination will be made whether to proceed with the official filing of the recall.

For questions regarding the Kingman City Clerk’s process, please call (928) 753-8102. For questions regarding the Mohave County Recorder’s process, please call (928) 753-0701.


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