MCC Launches New Interactive Online Platform To Help Students

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September 10, 2018

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MOHAVE COUNTY–Mohave Community College launched a new interactive online platform Monday that will help students connect with advisors, tutors and set testing appointments.

It is called Student Support Connections and was designed to improve online student access to college support services, and is accessible to all students.

MCC Students currently access support services on the college’s four campuses – Bullhead City, Colorado City, Kingman and Lake Havasu City. For those not able to make it to campus, the new platform will help bridge the gap.

“This innovation will really help our online students and those students with very busy schedules,” said Dr. Michael Kearns, MCC President. “We’ve expanded the options to connect students with several of the college services and the plan moving forward is to expand it even more.”

The college is initially offering live online advising, tutoring and test scheduling through Student Support Connections, and is currently working to expand it to include financial aid, veteran service and lab assistance.

“This will help all of our students and future MCC students because it gives them more options to access our higher education support services, and our data shows these services have a direct, positive impact on improving our student success and graduation rates,” said Dr. Kearns.

While reviewing services for online students, the MCC Distance Education and Student Success teams found that access to some college services was a challenge for many online students.

To address this, the college created and programmed the interactive support connections option and successfully networked it with existing software platforms over the summer.

“This is the result of great teamwork, not only recognizing where we could make improvements, but also acting on it immediately to create a solution to help our students,” said James Jarman, MCC Director of Public Information. “One of the many great things about Student Support Connections is it will now bring valuable services directly to students wherever they are, and it’s very easy to use.”

The college is confident the new platform will be a success, and an indication of that was made clear a day before MCC told students about the new online option, said Jarman.

“In preparation for the announcement, we activated a link on the college website, and within an hour a student found it and used it to schedule an appointment with college staff,” he said.

Along with access through the college website,, students will find the support connections platform on the college learning management system, called Schoology.

The learning management system is another interactive online platform students use to stay in touch with instructors, monitor homework assignments and receive other instructional information.

For more information about MCC degree and certificates options, student services and tuition assistance contact the college at 1-866-MOHAVECC or chat online at

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