MCSO: Homeowner Believed Kingman Woman Was An Intruder

Published by The Bee News

November 6, 2018

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KINGMAN–Authorities have released the name of the person reportedly responsible for shooting a Kingman woman last week in Golden Valley.

The person has been identified as Gerald Richardson, 57, of Golden Valley.

Richardson allegedly shot through the front door of his mobile home in the 1100 block of Concho Drive in Golden Valley and struck Jessica Mae Orozco, 31, of Kingman. Orozco was taken to Kingman Regional Medical Center where she later died from her injuries.

Mohave County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Anita Mortensen said deputies were dispatched to the Concho Drive home in reference to a weapons offense shortly before midnight on Oct. 27. Further investigation discovered Orozco reportedly arrived at the residence with two children, one of whom lived at the residence, and attempted to enter the residence through the front door. Richardson, who was sleeping, was not expecting anyone and believed an intruder was entering his residence. He fired a single shot from a handgun at the door, striking Orozco.

There were reportedly two children outside the residence when the shot was fired, but were not injured, said Mortensen.

The case has been forwarded to the Mohave County Attorney’s Office pending criminal charges against Richardson. Mohave County Sheriff’s Office continues their investigation.

Orozco was working as a Range Specialist with the Natural Resources Department at the Hualapai Tribe in Peach Springs, Arizona prior to her death. She had a Master’s degree in Botany and spent her time speaking at federal management meetings all over the nation.

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  1. As a community are we worried that this man almost shot a little girl who lives in his home? Is the little girl still living in the home where she was almost shot? Are other kids there? This account fails to include that Jessica M. Orozco was taking the little girl home from her son’s birthday party…

  2. Thank you for covering the story of Jessica Mae Orozco. She was an amazing mother, friend, sister, girlfriend, botanist, coworker, and so much more. She deserved better than being shot when taking care of children.

  3. I don’t know what to say except that we don’t get to hear from the vibrant, intelligent, compassionate, energetic young woman that he shot, because he killed her as she knocked on the door to return the child he was responsible for.

  4. The couple was expecting Jessica to return the little girl home. Jessica did not show up out of the blue. And what about asking “Who is there, I have a gun aimed at you.” Pulling the trigger of a gun aimed at someone is not an accident, is a purposed action. Guns don’t fire confetti, they propel bullets. This was NOT an accident. Justice for Jessica.

  5. It is hard to believe that this happened. What kind of person forgets about a child that was theoretically expected to be home? What kind of person shoots through a closed door without bothering to look or ask? Seriously, what kind of person?!?

    Multiple lives have been harmed, and several ruined, by this paranoid and thoughtless act.

  6. Why would anyone shoot through a “CLOSED” door not knowing who or what was on the other side? Assuming most people who are not criminals would knock on the door and wait for someone to respond either verbally or just to open the door. I really question the shooters explanation.

  7. those young children will live in hell for the rest of their life, please all be very compassionate and get them help now, everyone near them needs to show their love

  8. This is outrageous. Jessica was dropping off a child that was in her care AT THE CHILD’S HOME. How were the care givers not expecting the return of their child? As others have noted, this was not an accident. JUSTICE FOR JESSICA!

  9. This was not an accident. Jessica was shot in the back walking away. At the very least this is manslaughter. If you dig further, you will see this killer had motive. We will not let the local law enforcement sweep this under the carpet.

  10. Its not legal to shoot thur the door just because u think theres an intruder That man should get the gas chamber she didnt deserve to die because his ignorance that could of been one of those poor kids as well he in danger the children as well and should be charged for that too Also Jessica was someone’s daughter someones sister someones mom and someones friend im sorry for there losses may justice be served even though she wont be returned to us

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