Mohave County Economic Development Letter from the Director

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November 1, 2021

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Happy Beginnings for the Holidays:
As the holidays approach, we start looking forward to the time we get to spend with our family and friends. Frequently, people must spend time collaborating on activities and events and scheduling to have the holidays joyful and filled with peace and love. Each unit (family), must determine what works best for them. Goals might even be identified, tasks created, assignments made, and updates given with time to evaluate progress, so everyone knows what is completed and a reassurance everything is being accomplished. The result is a wonderful event or holiday, and everyone is happy.
Communities are no different. No one organization can transform a city or county alone. We need to create partnerships with mutual and agreed upon visions and goals. The most difficult, rewarding, and effective form of decision making is created through partnerships.
What does that look like for Mohave County? We must find organizations with mutual visions for the community and partner together. We must be willing to trust other people and organizations and work together. We must get rid of a “ME” mentality and work on a “WE” mentality.  We must stop worrying about whom will get credit for doing something and be willing to share the credit with the full team.
Some of the goals from my office include:
·      Increase tax revenues through new and existing business growth
·      Offer resources to existing businesses
·      Job creation with good starting wages and benefits
·      Industry diversification
·      Improve quality of life
My department cannot achieve these goals alone. We must partner with the cities, ARIZONA@WORK, county departments, Chamber of Commerce’s, K-12 and higher education, nonprofit organizations, businesses, churches, and community members. By working together and being open to new ideas, we learn different perspectives and brainstorm together to find new solutions as well as share the responsibilities and resources.
One of the ways a group has partnered lately is to find solutions for recruitment and retention challenges many businesses are experiencing. This isn’t something one person or organization can do on their own. My office, Local First Arizona, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and ARIZONA@WORK recently hosted a symposium on the subject. We continue to work together with local businesses to find new ideas. Look for more information about monthly meetings in the newsletter.
If your organization has visions that fall within some of our goals, I encourage you to reach out to our office to see how we can partner together.
I am thankful to each of you that work with my office and partner with us. May each of you have an enjoyable, peaceful, and safe holiday season.

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