Mohave County’s Polling Places

Written by The Bee

November 5, 2018

MOHAVE COUNTY—The General Elections are Tuesday, Nov. 6 and here is a list of where registered voters in Mohave County can cast their ballots. Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. AZ time.


?Desert Shores Community Baptist Church, 2625 Landon Drive. 

?BHC Seventh Day Adventist Church, 1752 Arriba Drive. 

?Hope United Methodist Church, 1325 Ramar Road. 

?St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1664 Central Avenue. 


?Yucca Fire Department—12349 Frontage Road. 


?Oatman Church—Rockhound Hill Road


?Golden Valley Fire District Training Center—423 S. Colorado Road. 


?RiverPointe Southern Baptist Church, 1421 E. Commercial Street. 

?Mohave Valley United Methodist Church, 1593 E. Lipan Road. 

?Mohave Valley Fire Department Station 82, 1595 Levee Road. 


?(CENTRAL) Grace Lutheran Church, 2101 Harrison Street. 

?(NORTH) College Park Baptist Church, 1990 Jagerson Avenue. 

?(SOUTH) St. Mary Roman Catholic Parish Church, 302 E. Spring Street. 

?(SOUTH) St. John’s United Methodist Church, 1730 Kino Road. 

?(SOUTH) First Southern Baptist Church, 3120 Hualapai Mountain Road. 

?(EAST) Calvary Baptist Church, 3575 Schaeffer Avenue.   

?(EAST) Praise Chapel, 419 Harrison Street. 


?(NORTH) Mountain View Property Owners Association, 2635 Anita Avenue. 

?(NORTH) Bethany Bible Church, 1200 Park Terrace Avenue. 

?(SOUTH) Mount Olive Lutheran Church, 2170 Havasupai Boulevard. 

?(SOUTH) Quality Inn, 271 Lake Havasu Avenue South

?(SOUTH) Community Presbyterian Church, 3450 Chemehuevi Boulevard. 

?(SOUTH) St. Michael’s United Methodist Church, 2895 Jamaica Boulevard. 


?Golden Shores Fire Department, 12950 Oatman Highway. 

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  1. John Harvey

    I went to vote today at the Hope Methodist Church in BHC. While there, I asked the poll workers what the turnout was like and they said HEAVY. The folks voting while I was there were all middle-aged or older. I guess the young folks were either stoned or too lazy or unconcerned to do their duty as citizens. No surprise there.


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