Mold or Mildew?

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July 29, 2021

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Early indications are that this summer we will be experiencing a very busy monsoon season in the upper Colorado River Valley. Aside from pockets of torrential rains that transform dry washes into rivers, this means afternoons with higher than normal humidity. And higher humidity means that conditions are ideal for the growth of mildew and mold.

There are similarities between mold and mildew. Both thrive in moist, warm areas. In the right conditions both can grow on most any surface. Both mold and mildew can cause extensive damage. And both of these fungi can pose health risks.

But there the similarities end. Mildew often is identifiable by patches of gray or dirty white. on a moist surface area. Mold is often a fuzzy looking black or green coverage over a large area. Of the two it is mold in its various forms that is the most serious.

Mildew can often be cleaned with off the shelf products and a scrub brush. Mold is seldom merely a surface issue. Often the problem can be much deeper, and as a result, much more damaging.

But property damage that is potentially costly to repair is one of the serious issues linked to mold infestations. Asthma, watery eyes, sneezing and sinus infections as well as chronic lung disease have all been attributed to mold exposure.

As mold thrives in humid spaces, it is commonly found around showers, under sinks, in basements and wash rooms. But it also thrives in air conditioning systems, crawlspaces, under carpet that has been wet, ventilation ducts, and under floors.

Depending on the size and scope of the mold infestation, remediation can be costly. But there are alternatives. There is a way to alleviate mold, and to ensure your home remains mold free without breaking the budget. COIT Cleaning and Restoration of Mohave County.

COIT’ is a national leader in mold remediation. Their specialists identify, contain and remove mold. They also meet insurance industry standards, and will work directly with your insurance carrier. Before work begins a detailed decontamination plan will be drafted after a thorough inspection. And if there are any questions at any stage, the company has a live call center 24/7.

Removal is a multistage project. It includes a detailed drying plan to safely reduce moisture. This is accomplished with dehumidifiers and air movers to facilitate the drying process. And of course it also includes clean up.

After being satisfactorily dried COIT specialists use a HEPA vacuum system on all surfaces. This system uses specialized filters that can remove even tiny particulates. And for added peace of mind, If necessary COIT will also thoroughly clean and sanitization the air duct systems. Then before a final vacuuming, sanitizers, disinfectants and anti-microbial products are used to remove any possibility of residual mold or smells. A final vacuuming of all affected surfaces completes the process.

But COIT’s services don’t end there. After mold removal, complete decontamination and cleaning their team of specialists begin the process of restoration. This includes painting, if needed, replacing flooring surfaces and reinstalling furniture.

When it comes to home or office cleaning from tile to hardwood floors, mold remediation or duct cleaning, COIT is but one phone call away.

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