Monday Night Fire Destroys Multiple RV’s

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May 9, 2018

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BULLHEAD CITY—A blaze Monday night at the Silver Creek RV Park left three residents displaced. 

“I heard noise and came outside where I saw the fire,” said park resident David Patillo. “I ran back inside my trailer and grabbed my extinguisher. I pressed down on it for about 10 seconds and it ran out. So I ran and grabbed a hose and began spraying it on the fire. “

Patillo said he stood there only for a few minutes trying to extinguish the blaze, but due to the intense heat, he had to stop. 

Around that time, emergency crews began to arrive at the RV park. 

Bullhead City Fire spokeswoman Lori Viles said firefighters were dispatched to the RV park shortly before 11 p.m. Monday. 

Crews arriving found a fully engulfed fifth wheel RV with several surrounding exposures, said Viles. 

Battalion Chief Craig Stephenson reported one neighbor to the fire was evacuated from their residence through a window. 

Winter visitors, Virginia and Ray Edwards, told The Bee they were startled awake by pounding and someone yelling at them to evacuate. 

“We were asleep and the next thing I hear this banging on our trailer door,” said Ray Edwards. “I opened the door and I think it was the fire chief telling me to get out and if there was anyone else in the trailer. I told them my wife was asleep in the back bedroom and he told me to get her and exit our RV.”

The two watched helplessly from across the way as firefighters fought to contain the fire from growing. 

“They did great and saved this whole park,” he said. 

“We were very lucky to not have any damage, but my heart goes out to those who lost everything,” said Virginia Edwards. 

Fire crews were able to extinguish the fully engulfed structure in a quick manner, but not before it destroyed three RV’s, a shed and several vehicles. 

Patillo said he was able to help save one of the vehicles by soaking it in water. 

“It would’ve gone up had I not soaked it,” said Patillo. “The vehicle did have some fire damage, but not a lot.”

“He saved their vehicle and tried saving the trailer but it was just to strong,” said another resident. 

The next morning, residents began coming together to offer their support. 

“The one gentleman is a disabled veteran who uses a walker and electric scooter to get around. Those were all destroyed in the fire,” said Patillo. 

Park residents have begun collecting donations to help assist those affected by the fire. 

Viles said the American Red Cross was contacted and responded to the scene to assist. 

The cause of the fire remains under investigation with the fire department and no injuries were reported. 

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