Monsoon Season Safety Tips

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June 3, 2019

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Monsoon season officially begins June 15th and continues through September. Storms generally peak between mid-July and mid-August bringing high winds, high temperatures and high moisture resulting in potentially dangerous weather conditions. Surprisingly more deaths occur each year due to flooding than from any other thunderstorm-related hazard.

Monsoon storms can also bring high winds that can toss debris around, down trees, damage power lines, and destroy structures like roofs and shelters. The Bullhead City Fire Department would like to remind citizens to prepare and have a plan in place before the monsoon storms arrive. Knowing what to do when in an emergency is key to staying safe.

  •  Have extra supplies, including a fully charged cell phone, drinking water, and an emergency kit.
  • When in doubt, wait it out! If you see a dust storm or heavy rain ahead, it’s best to wait for the storm to move through the area.
  • When faced with low- or zero-visibility conditions, pull your vehicle off the road as far to the right as possible. Turn off your lights, set the parking brake, and take your foot off the brake pedal. These steps reduce the chances that other drivers mistake your vehicle as the one to follow.
  • Don’t risk crossing a flooded wash, even if it doesn’t look deep. Water is a powerful force that should not be underestimated. Even a few inches of running water can pose a serious risk.

More information on how to prepare for severe weather can be found at or the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)

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