Motorcyclist Dies Following Last Week’s Crash

Published by The Bee News

September 26, 2018

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BULLHEAD CITY–A Fort Mohave man involved in a motorcycle accident last week has succumbed to his injuries.

Allen “Al” Lee Specter, 78, was traveling northbound on Highway 95 when a Ford Escape pulled out in front of him, causing him to crash, said Bullhead City Police spokeswoman Emily Fromelt.

The driver of the Ford Escape, John Engbrecht, 82 of Fort Mohave, was cited and released on scene for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Specter was taken to Western Arizona Regional Medical Center and subsequently airlifted to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada where he later died on Tuesday.

Specter was an employee of Eagle Motorcycles in Bullhead City.

“He worked for us for two years, but we have been close friends for four years,” said Eagle Motorcycles owner Michelle Keunen. “He did everything around the office. If we needed the toilet fixed he did it. If we had errands needing ran he was the one heading out there to do them. He even worked on the old bikes we have.”

The sudden death of Specter has left his colleagues and friends shocked and heartbroken.

“He and my husband (Joe) were really close,” said Keunen. “They loved to ride together. This is very difficult for all of us, but we have so many wonderful memories with Al.”


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  1. How sad and tragic. What a waste of life. My prayers are with his family and loved ones.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Poor al, I miss him already. He really helped me, my mom and was great being part of my family

  2. So very sad to loose a life over running a stop sign which I see people everyday running a red light and a stop sign everyday. Let’s not let his death not do get unnoticed everyone one needs to slow down and pay attention to lights and stop signs and also watch your surroundings which is motorcycle riders. So very sad a person dies over a stupid mistake. It has ruined two sides of the family of the car driver and the family of the motorcycle driver their family lives will never ever be the same.

  3. Prayers for those who’s heart he has touched. God is with him always, and with you.
    So sorry for your pain, I too know how it feels.

  4. That’s why law enforcement needs to start giving out tickets for minor traffic violations speeding not using your blinker ,driving too slow running stop signs, not coming to a complete stop, not turning into the correct Lane, tailgating, no running lights, no brake lights, one headlight…ext ext

  5. Al, such a sweet man. Always calm and precise, yet with a twist of humor that always made me giggle. He loved life and shared that joy with everyone. He always sat and made time to talk to about life, never seeming to be in a hurry to be somewhere else. Although I knew he had better things to do than to sit and talk with his property manager, haha
    He will be very missed, and I know I will see him again riding strong up above. See you soon Mr Al

  6. Very tragic. I’ve know Al all of my adult life, & I’m 69 years old. He was one of the best motorcycle riders I’ve ever ridden with. And loved/lived life to the fullest. Sad that someone else’s screw-up cost Al his life. Friends & family across the country now have a void in their lives.

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