National Farmers Market Week 2021 at The Kingman Farmers Market at Thunder-Rode

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August 3, 2021

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National Farmers Market Week 2021 at The Kingman Farmers Market at Thunder-Rode:
Farmers Markets Are Essential Hubs for Community

Every year the US Department of Agriculture proclaims the first week of August as National Farmers Market Week with the goal to increase awareness of the role local farmers markets play in creating healthy communities and in building prosperity among farmers and small businesses.
This year, the 22nd annual National Farmers Market Week falls on August 1st-7th. Despite the disruptions of 2020, farmers markets have remained pillars of our communities, exhibiting resilience and adaptability.

Farmers markets facilitated community connection and growth in demand for local food in a year of significant challenges, and they need your support to sustain their growth in 2021. The value farmers markets provide to our communities emphasizes the need for more investment in local food systems to continue serving communities and the small businesses who make the backbone of American economies.

As Market Manager, I hold true to the values of offering organically grown or certified organic fruits and vegetables to the Kingman community and surrounding areas. The Kingman Farmers Market at Thunder-Rode began in 2015 and has maintained its goal to provide for the public a
friendly and open-space venue for purchasing locally grown produce, baked goods, fresh foods, handmade arts and crafts, as well as hosting live music and charity events while, at the same time, supporting local farmers, gardeners, artisans, and crafters with a convenient location to sell
their products and produce without the burden of vending fees.

Farmers markets are innovative, responsive community hubs that reflect the communities we live in and the people that are the backbone of our economies. The Kingman Farmers Market at Thunder-Rode procures organically grown or certified organic affordable produce primarily from local farms, community gardens, and co-ops. Only a very small percentage of produce, such as citrus for example, are procured from outside the Mohave
County area but still maintain the highest quality without having been subjected to pesticides.

Farmers markets support Arizona’s small and diversified farms, and circulate money back into our local economy. Each year tens of thousands of farmers sell directly to consumers at farmers markets nationwide, generating $2.4 billion revenue according to a recent estimate by local food
researchers based on 2017 USDA Ag Census Data. The 2015 Local Food Marketing Practices Survey also noted that more than 80 percent of all direct market food sales occurred within 100miles of the farm.

At a time when many restaurant sales and other outlets for farmers are down, the income farmers receive at farmers markets is a lifeline.
We invite you to visit and/or donate to The Kingman Farmers Market at Thunder-Rode during National Farmers Market Week 2021 on Saturday, August 7th from 8am-Noon conveniently located in downtown Kingman at 102 E. Beale St. We will be doing free produce raffles and free fruit giveaways along with some other fun things!

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