Nevada Ranked #5 in most fired education workers

Published by The Bee News

August 10, 2020

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In order to help other businesses and cut back on “unnecessary” costs, many states even took money away from the educational system’s budget. By doing so many schools had to make cutbacks.

This included letting go of teachers, cafeteria workers, janitors, teacher assistants, administration, bus drivers, and other support staff.

In those careers, workers are in charge of cleaning and making sure the kids are social distancing. But in a lot of states, many of those positions have been eliminated. These 10 states saw the biggest decrease in educational jobs.

  1. Delaware
  2. New Jersey
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Michigan
  5. Nevada
  6. Maryland
  7. Maine
  8. New York
  9. Alaska
  10. Virginia

These states all saw huge amounts of decreases in educational workforces.

On top of figuring out how to return to school safely, these states are now having to deal with knowing full well they won’t be able to social distance properly.

In order to account for seasonality, we measured the overall loss in jobs from June 2019 and June 2020 numbers. We then calculated the percent of jobs lost in each state. The larger percent, the more education jobs were cut.

In addition to teachers, education jobs refer to cafeteria workers, janitors, teacher assistants, administration, bus drivers, and other support staff.

While some of these jobs may be rehired for the fall, with many schools opting to do distance learning for safety, not all of these jobs will return. In addition, with lowered tax revenue, some school districts may try to make do with less.

Nevada has had a 9.6% decrease in how many education workers it has between 2019 and this year, accounting for it’s No. 5 ranking. That means last year in June, the education industry had 144,300 workers and by June of this year, they only had 130,500.

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