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New Company Moving in at Airport

Written by The Bee News

September 29, 2020

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New Company Moving in at Airport

KINGMAN, Ariz. –Jet Yard, LLC, an FAA 145 Repair Station #7QAR515C, is coming to the Kingman Airport and Industrial Park. Based at Pinal Airpark in Marana, Arizona, Jet Yard is a leader in end-of-service solutions for aircraft worldwide by restoring the past to secure the future.

“The Kingman Airport was chosen for our new location due to its close proximity to our other location in Marana and that it has many planes that are being parked there now. Airplanes are like cars in that there are many items that can be recycled and that is a big part of what our company does,” Dave Bixler, President of Jet Yard, LLC said. “Our current climate involves long term storage, and the Kingman Airport which has a niche with the FAA as being an approved storage area is a great fit for us.” With Covid-19 reducing airplane travel, there is an increased need for airport storage areas. Kingman Airport currently has approximately 250 aircraft in storage with 150 general aviation operators and/or individual aircraft owners at the airport.

Dave Bixler stated that “We are located at 4730 Finance Way in a 6000 sq. ft. building with our goal being to add 14 more team members from the local area to our company. We are a top notch, publicly owned company and very happy to be at the Kingman Airport and Industrial Park.”

The fully developed Kingman Airport and Industrial Park attracts manufacturers with reasonable land costs and the opportunity to build regional trade and service centers. The City of Kingman works closely with the Kingman Airport general manager to ensure the airport and industrial park remain an integral and vital part of the local economy.

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