New research from Betway reveals the total cost of the Super Bowl

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January 27, 2023

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The Super Bowl, the biggest event in the US sporting calendar, is a colossal competition that captivates the nation. With February 12th just around the corner, Betway has released data on the sheer volume of numbers that goes into bringing the Super Bowl to life.

According to survey data, over 99 million tuned in to watch last year’s Super Bowl, and Google searches for ‘Where to watch the Super Bowl’ have increased by 247% since last year. Additionally, one 30-second ad during this year’s season could cost as much as $7 million.

Fans can expect to pay up to roughly $9,341 for a standard entry pass, which while cheaper than last year, is still a big price tag. However, demand for Super Bowl tickets has grown by 22%, so it’s clearly not putting people off.

As for all the snacks and drinks viewers will need to complete the experience, many are looking to pay upwards of $82 for their favorite consumables. In fact, data suggests that the total cost of every viewer’s snacking habits could total over $17 billion across the country.

The Super Bowl has only been increasing in ad revenue, and just one 30-second ad in this year’s season could set businesses back $7 million. But that’s not much when you consider the total ad revenue for the Super Bowl is set to be $489.6 million.

Finally, the overall winner’s earnings have seen a marked decrease compared to both 2020 and 2021. Last year’s victors, the LA Rams, took home $157,000 per player, while 2023’s Super Bowl favorites, the Chiefs and Buffalo Bills, are only looking at a prize pot of $136,000.

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Methodology: To forecast the Super Bowl information for 2023-2025, Betway collected available historical data for seven different factors and used Excel’s linear function to predict the future values.

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