New Scam Involves Lottery/Prize Notifications

Written by The Bee

February 23, 2018

MOHAVE COUNTY—The newest scam hitting the Tri-state involves residents reportedly winning a lottery and/or another prize.

Bullhead City Police Department spokeswoman Emily Fromelt said law enforcement are issuing this warning for local residents, especially seniors.

The phone call or letter states the recipient has won a lottery or other type of prize, said Fromelt.

She continued saying, the scheme requires a small payment for “processing,” “taxes” or “conversion of currency.”

Fromelt said just recently a Bullhead City man reported receiving a letter from “Publisher’s Clearing House” out of Canada. It advised him he had won money and included a check with a portion of the winnings.

Fortunately, the man did not become a victim and suspected it was a scam, she said.

Here are some ‘red flags’ issued by the Arizona Attorney Geneal’s Office to assist residents in identifying this scam:

▪️If you did not buy a lottery ticket, you did not win the lottery.
▪️You are asked to wire money to another country or another state to cover fees, taxes etc.
▪️You are urged to send money immediately or the prize will be lost.
▪️You are asked to keep your winnings a secret.
▪️You are asked for your bank account information so the prize can be deposited directly into your account.

For more information on other scams and prevention tips, log on to

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